A guide about how to stalk and chase phantasms in animecon!

This illustration is part of an old dropped project from my doujin circle No-Xice. A guide about how to stalk and chase phantasms – our future preys – in anime conventions ? XD

The clumsy big heart

Character profile of the clumsy big heart : this beginner in love is an easy lover to conquer … nothing to conquer, he’s already running at you ! It’s a romantic one, always doing too much in order to be noticed. It’s hard to get rid of him when you want to go to the top level prey … or just wait and perhaps he would change to another profile !Starring Naruto and Nakatsu from Hanakimi !

The powerful effective

Character profile of the powerful effective : in action, this character is reliable, but so serious and taciturn ! The kind of so professional character that everything and even love can’t reach him !Starring Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Ryo Saeba from City Hunter.

The refresh man

Character profile of the refresh man : easy to accost, this character so-innocently-sexy is easy to reach ! His friendship (later his love) is easy to win, but the refresh man is often surrounded by lots of rivals …Starring Nagisa Kaoru from Neon Genesis Evangelion (3.33 movie version), Kazehaya Shouta from Kimi ni Todoke and the Vocaloid character Kaito.

The dark brooding man

Character profile of the dark brooding man : the dark (and usually brown hair) broody man is the ultimate prey ! He looks so confident, attractive and mentally strong, with his long and melancholic reflexions. He is difficult to conquer, always surrounded by women and loved by otaku girls. Sink into his darkness (dark past or dark childhood), try to cheer him up and perhaps he will notice you !Starring Sasuke, Levi from Shingeki no Kyoujin and Shirou Kamui from X.

4 thoughts on “A guide about how to stalk and chase phantasms in animecon!

  1. Ah je me souviens d’avoir un peu planché sur ce guide en été ^__^
    Tu as raison de le partager, tes illustrations et textes sont toujours aussi sympas ^.~

  2. Oh désolée d’avoir tardé >_< merci en tout cas ! Je m'étais donnée à fond pour faire des illus drôles (alors que c'est loin d'être ma nature). Je suis curieuse de voir ce que tu allais proposer pour ce guide ...

  3. Cette série d’illustration est vraiment sympa, j’apprécie ta création qui correspond bien au personnage que l’on connait de base x) .
    je doit admettre l’illustration de Naruto et de Nakatsu sont très droles.

  4. Hello Jordan, je suis ravie que cette série d’illus t’ait plu ! Aujourd’hui elle me ramène aux bons souvenirs de mes années otaku / fanzineuse en convention 🙂

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