The Earthen Chronicles – Tara Abbott

2015 was the Tara Abbott’s novel “The Earthen Chronicles” year!

About my participation

I have worked on Tara Abbott’s Earthen Chronicles. It started from a sketch I have made for her, I didn’t know it would lead me to draw so many illustrations ! I’m very glad she asked me to work on, though my manga style is far from usual fantasy style. It was a hard time to work on this project, alongside my work, studies and drawing activities… but I won’t regret it, since it was an interesting project, and I was glad to work with a so kind and comprehensive author  🙂

Summary of “The Earthen Chronicles”

“Twelve years ago, when Ben’s parents were slain, and his village was destroyed, he grew up and vowed to slay the beast responsible. Taking up his father’s sword on his eighteenth birthday, Ben embarks on a quest to satisfy his desire for revenge.
On his journey, he meets several allies along the way: Kayla, a feisty and intelligent elf maiden, Toto, a dragon with a vicious past, and Theo, an old man who knows about an ancient prophecy.
This prophecy—if fulfilled by Ben—would bring peace and justice to the corrupted kingdom of Twaren. However, should Ben be killed and the prophecy remains unfulfilled, a sinister and timeless evil will plunge the kingdom into permanent darkness and despair. With the stakes this high, it is not a gamble Ben and his friends can afford to lose.”

Tara Abbott’s biography

“Living in the chilly province of Ontario, Canada, Tara Abbott always loved reading and writing stories as a child. When she grew into her teens, her passion for writing fantasy refused to leave her. Drawing upon her imagination, she began writing The Earthen Chronicles. When she is not writing another novel for her series, Tara enjoys drawing, photography, and spending time with her family and friends.”

Do not hesitate to download a sample on Amazon Kindle, and let us know what do you think about the novel on the Facebook page!

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